Specializing in Hauling Heavy Equipment and Max Tow Loads in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.




Dallas Towboys Heavy Haul is a premier tow-away trucking services provider located in the Dallas Fort-Worth area.


Power Only Trucking


Our dedicated team of drivers is trained to handle any type of trailer and equipment.  Power only trucking is a service offered by providing the client with a driver and tractor to haul the customer's trailer or any other type of machinery according to the clients' wishes.


Trailer Hauling


The Dallas Towboys Heavy Haul trucking company transports practically all trailer types.  We have the know-how of transporting an array of trailers, both empty and loaded, full dry vans, and virtually any other equipment you need to transport.  We focus on moving our client's trailers and equipment to desired locations at competitive rates.


This dedication to excellent customer service allows us to put forward and provide an "upbeat" service environment to all our customers, as well as our staff that serve them.


Our Experience


Our trucking company is safe to use, and we maintain the reliability and condition of the tow-away equipment that we transport for you.


As a qualified heavy haul tow-away trucking service provider, Dallas Towboys Heavy Haul determines the best and direct route from the origin to the destination.  Also, we consider other aspects such as accessibility of the region, licensing and support vehicles if needed.  Only a trucking company that is knowledgeable in the heavy haul transport processes knows how to research and arrange the best routes.


For an affordable, speedy and friendly tow-away trucking service. Contact us today at (214) 321-7772) and speak to one of our representatives.

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