Specializing in Hauling Heavy Equipment and Max Tow Loads in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.


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Who Needs Heavy Haul Trucking?


There are challenges to heavy haul trucking that can be encountered when moving heavy and over-sized loads. For example, not all roads and bridges can handle such weight moving over them, meaning that extensive knowledge of infrastructure is needed to plan the routes needed to see them to their destinations both on budget and on schedule.  If you have equipment that exceeds the weight & tow capacity of your vehicles and you need to get your items from point A to point B then we are the company for you.


Why Choose Us For Heavy Haul Trucking?


Based on these facts, it is clear that those in need of heavy haul trucking services want someone with both the expertise and the experience to provide reliable service time and time again. Dallas Towboys is one such trucking company. Better yet, we have wide ranging capabilities when it comes to transportation, meaning that we can move just about anything out there.


Find Out More About Our Services


We encourage those interested in our trucking services to contact us at their earliest convenience to find out more about how we can help their operations run in a smooth and efficient manner. Our extensive experience as a family-owned business means that we understand successful relationship are founded upon mutual trust, which is why we provide free quotes upon request.




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