Specializing in Hauling Heavy Equipment and Max Tow Loads in the Dallas Fort Worth Area.



Flatbed Trucking

At Dallas Towboys Heavy Haul we have adequately equipped drop deck and up to 48-foot flatbed trucks and trailers.  We provide highly reliable and efficient flatbed trucking services in the greater Dallas Fort-Worth area.  All of our staff members are well trained and highly professional, your load is always in safe hands throughout the transportation period.


Our Trucking Services Are Very Reliable


We are always timely in our delivery.


At Dallas Towboys Heavy Haul, we are fully equipped with experienced staff and the correct equipment to complete all types of flatbed trucking projects.  We assist you in the scheduling ensuring that there are no delays in the delivery of your load. We cover vast areas and destinations from construction sites, to docks where materials require quick loading and offloading.

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